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New Computers & Used

I sell all brands of New & Used computer equipment. Dell, Toshiba, Samsung, Apple. I keep some of these items in stock. Pricing varies based on how the machine is equipped. Used computers and laptops start at $150.

New TV's & Used

I sell any brand any size TV. Samsung is the brand I sell the most because they have the best TV's in the world. I sell New TV's and Used TV's. Mounting and Installation Services are available and our prices are competitive with Best Buy. Used TV's start at $100.

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I keep printers and printer ink in stock. I stock HP printers and HP printer ink. I will stock other brands of ink upon your request.


Home Theater & Stereo

I sell and install Stereo Equipment and Home Theater Equipment. From the simplest stereo setup to Whole House Audio to Theater Rooms - I do them all. I can customize a system design that fits your home design and audio needs. I sell wireless and hardwired options depending on your needs. Stereo I can also help you with the purchase of Furnishings and Enclosures for your equipment.




I stock many parts and accessories like WIFI routers, range extenders, Keyboards and Mice, Computer Cables, HDMI Cables, CD's, DVDS, TV mounts, Lightning Protectors, converters, External Hard drives, ROKU Streaming Players etc...

If you do not see what you need, just ask!


I carry a full range of Universal Laptop Chargers, Macbook Chargers, Ipad Chargers, IPhone chargers for home and car. I also carry Apple lightning converters and USB3 cables and converters.


I keep Norton Antivirus Software, Malware Protection, Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office Products and Apple OSX software, in stock for your convenience. I can install or upgrade any of these products for you.

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