Desktop & Laptop

I can repair what is ailing your computer or laptop or give your machine a performance boost so you can spend more of your precious time doing instead of waiting.

Iphone & Ipad

Have a broken screen, broken charge port, need a new camera, microphone or battery, i can fix it.

TV & Other

TV get struck by lightning? I can put in a new motherboard or power board and get that set working again. If you like, I can come get your set, repair it, and bring it back to you. Got some other type of Electronic that needs mending - I can look at it for you and give you advice on replacement or repair if it is cost effective.


Repair vs Replacement

I can repair most any electronic device, but it isn't always cost effective. I will evaluate the repair, give you a price to repair vs a price to replace. Generally, a repair that cost less than half the price of a new piece of equipment is worth the repair price.

On-Site vs In-Office

Most computer repair is best done in my office. I have the tools and equipment available to properly diagnose the problem and affect a resolution more speedily in the office. A speedier repair results in a lower cost to you. However, some repairs may be done at your home of office. I will give you a recommendation upon learning about your specific issue. The same goes for TV repair, Iphone repair and Ipad repair.


Next Steps...

No matter what type of Repair you may need, I'm only a phone call away. Most Repair can be done the same day or following day if I have the parts you need in stock. TV repair generally take the longest..about a week turn around time.